8-Year-Old Boy Killed by Pickup Truck in Central Florida

Orlando police investigated an accident involving a pickup truck driver and an eight-year-old boy on a bicycle. The truck driver struck and killed the boy on a Wednesday afternoon near Conway Road and Michigan Street. The driver stopped and collaborated with law enforcement. It is unclear whether he faces charges at this time.

The accident took place just before 2 p.m. The boy, a student at Conway Elementary School, was one of six children. His family had moved to Orlando from Congo three years ago. According to a News 6 report, the child was just feet from his home when the truck driver struck him.

The school principal sent a telephone message to the parents of their students letting them know the incident had occurred. Grief counselors have attended the school to help students and staff cope with the news of the accident. Although police have not released the specifics of the crash, the child’s brother asserts that the driver was texting while driving. Police have yet to confirm this information and the investigation is ongoing. The child’s brother was with the victim when he was hit.

Neighbors who were interviewed claimed they had seen the child several times riding his bike on the sidewalk, and said they often saw the victim and several other children in the area riding their bikes before and after school. Neighbors, friends, and family members arranged a memorial near the entrance of the apartment complex where the child’s life was taken.

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