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Month: April 2021

What to Do after Being Arrested as a Tourist in Florida

Millions of people visit the Sunshine State every year to relax at one of our beautiful beaches or enjoy a day at one of the many world-class theme parks. While most follow our laws, others do not. Some may engage in reckless or illegal activities, causing police officers to arrest them. An out-of-state arrest can …

Can Active Bystander Training Reduce Police Misconduct?

In light of recent events, police forces all over the United States are approaching officer training in new ways. They are taking the necessary action to ensure that excessive force is not taken when the officers are out protecting their communities. One of the forms of training being instated is called active bystander training (ABT). …

Suspected Street Racing Crashes Kill 3 in Central Florida This Weekend

Two high-speed crashes have claimed the lives of three people over the past weekend in Central Florida. Witnesses state that the accidents were the result of illegal street racing. On Saturday, two sisters, Noemi Hammen, 61, and Maria Ramirez, 58, of West Melbourne were turning into a Palm Bay Publix plaza when their car was …

Florida Man Shot and Killed During a Home Invasion

A 20-year-old man died during a home invasion in Orlando on April 20. Local police officers received calls about a shooting near Curry Ford Road and found the man shot inside an apartment at Canopy Apartment Villas. Emergency services took the victim to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Police have not given any …

What to Do if You’re Pulled Over with Expired Registration

It’s never a good feeling when you see those flashing lights behind you, urging you to pull your vehicle to the side. That feeling gets even worse when you see those flashing lights and remember that you forgot to renew your vehicle registration after your last birthday. In Florida, all drivers are required to register …

City of Orlando Will Send Mental Health Workers to Some 911 Calls

To alleviate some of the strain placed on emergency responders and improve crisis response, the City of Orlando is rolling out a plan to send mental health workers to respond to certain emergency situations. The idea is to have responders specially trained to deal with mental health crises help these people rather than sending police …

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida?

Car accidents can happen anywhere vehicles meet the road, but there are hot-spots that are prone to collisions more than others. Due to traffic, construction, or simply their design, certain roads or segments are naturally more dangerous, and knowing where these may lie along your route can help you drive more safely. Florida is infamous …

Should I Sue a Friend or Family Member for an Accident They Caused?

Car accidents happen and when they do, consequences can be severe. Injuries may have occurred, and if the negligence of another person caused the accident, you have the legal right to file a personal injury claim. This may include suing a friend or family member. Many people wish to avoid this out of fear the …

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