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Month: March 2021

Orlando Man Facing Charges Related to Capitol Riot

As a joint session of Congress was certifying the 2020 Presidential Election results on January 6, a mob outside the Capitol was breaking into the building. Joseph Biggs, a man who lives in Central Florida, was in Washington that day and participated in the insurrection. Biggs is now facing three federal charges: conspiracy, witness tampering, …

What Happens If I Carry a Firearm without a Permit?

The Second Amendment allows United States citizens to bear arms—also known as the right to own a gun. Florida does not require residents to obtain a license to buy a gun, but they need a permit to carry one. If law enforcement charges someone for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, they may face …

Can My Child Be Tried as an Adult for a Sex Crime?

As a parent, you do everything in your power to protect your child. From the time they are young, you try to teach them how to act and behave appropriately to set them up for a bright, successful future. Unfortunately, there are many times when you cannot protect your child, especially when it comes to …

Why Cannabis “Sniff Tests” Don’t Work for Police Anymore

You may be familiar with the idea of probable cause, which states that an officer of the law must have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed before they can act on an unwarranted search of someone’s private property. In many circumstances across Florida, this was used by law enforcement to conduct a “sniff …

Orlando Is the Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians (Again)

According to Smart Growth America, Orlando is once again the most dangerous city for pedestrians in the United States. Nine of the 20 most hazardous cities for pedestrians are in Florida, with Miami ranking the lowest at number 13. The report comes from a decade’s worth of research and statistics from 2010–2019. 2019 was the …

Who’s Liable for Injuries on a Rented Boat in Florida?

Boat rentals are a popular activity among both Florida residents and tourists. They provide a unique opportunity to explore our waterways, but they can also pose a serious threat to passengers. Even if the cause of an accident seems clear to you, determining liability for injuries from a rental boat can be hard to do. …

How Can I Receive Financial Compensation after a City Bus Accident?

City buses are a common mode of transit for many Central Florida residents and tourists. They’re faster, more convenient, and cheaper than owning or renting a car. However, just like cars, motorcycles, and trucks, buses can also be in accidents. When an accident does occur, riders can be tossed around and suffer severe injuries. If …

When Can Bullies Be Charged with Assault?

When your child is the victim of bullying, it can be mentally taxing on the entire family. Remember that you must remain calm. Showing signs of distress might only make your child more overwhelmed and upset about the situation. Many parents wonder if bullying is a crime and if they can file a lawsuit. Like …

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