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Month: June 2020

Will Home DNA Test Companies Share My Data with Police?

Home DNA testing has become rather appealing to those who are curious about their family origin and health backgrounds. DNA tests allow people to identify the unique traits that encompass their genetic makeup.  It’s truly remarkable how a tiny sample of saliva can unlock information about your ancestors, ethnic background, heritage, health, and even family …

What to Do If You’ve Been Arrested At a Protest in Orlando

Our nation is experiencing turbulent times, and it continues to be of the utmost importance that we, as citizens, know our rights under the First Amendment. Social media has played an important role in highlighting the urgency of police brutality. More transparency than ever shows us the prevalence of police misconduct in our communities and …

I Confessed to a Crime I Did Not Commit. Will This be Used Against Me?

If you have confessed to a crime you didn’t commit, you are probably wondering whether the court can convict you based on your confession alone. It’s understandable that you may be feeling scared about what the outcome of your case might be, and that’s why it’s important to know how the court can use your …

What to Do If Your Child is Injured in a Car Chase with Police

Movies have depicted high-speed police chases as necessary to catch criminals. Talented directors have created these movie scenes to be dramatic and engaging, building excitement in the audience when the police officers stop and arrest the bad guys. Rarely do they show the dangerous outcomes for innocent bystanders.  Since 1979, over 5,000 car passengers and …

What are Common Defense Strategies for White Collar Crimes?

Being convicted of a white-collar crime can have serious implications on your life. If you’ve been scrutinized for or charged with a white-collar crime such as tax evasion, fraud, or money laundering, do you know that the consequence of being charged with these crimes could bring the possibility of jail or prison time?  The term …

What Happens If You Get Hit by a Self-Driving Car

Before the introduction of self-driving cars, the legal process was rather defined on vehicle protection and the responsibility of drivers, proprietors, and car manufacturers concerning vehicle damage and injuries that occur in a car crash.  The simple yet advanced technology in self-driving cars is leaving its mark on car owners. By 2030, it is assumed …

What to Do if You’re the Victim of Internet Crimes

While we all rely on the internet every day, many people may not be aware of just how vulnerable they are to becoming the victim of a cybercrime. They also may not know what to do if that happens. Here’s a solid piece of advice: the top two things you should do is report it …

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