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Month: December 2019

Deputies Crack Down on Illegal ATV Riders/Biker Gangs in Central FL

Over the last year, Central Florida has seen an uptick of illegal ATV and dirt bike activity on our roads. Several reports have detailed both police officers and everyday citizens being harassed by the unlawful antics of gangs on ATVs and dirt bikes. That isn’t a problem that only Central Florida deals with. According to …

Proposed Bill Seeks to Expunge Felony Records for Juveniles

Florida state Sen. Keith Perry, R-Gainesville, is championing a new bill that will give more people a second chance – or, more precisely, more young people a second chance. The bill aims to expand Florida’s current law regarding juvenile record expungement.  Currently, a juvenile who commits a nonviolent misdemeanor crime can have his or her record …

How Can You Determine Fault in a Boating Accident in Florida?

Boating and jet skiing alike are two sports that many enjoy in the Sunshine State. Central Florida is home to many freshwater springs and lakes that locals often choose for their water sports activities before making the drive to the east coast’s Atlantic Ocean, or the west coast’s Gulf of Mexico. Boating is a lot …

How Do Florida’s “Red Flag Laws” Identify Dangerous Gun Owners?

Whether you’re for the enforcement of current gun laws or are in the camp that hopes to see new and more effective restrictions, it’s no secret that the United States is known around the world for having a problem with gun violence. Almost all 50 states have experienced at least one tragic massacre, and two …

New Texting While Driving Law in Florida

How many times have you been in your car waiting at a red light when it turns green and the driver in front doesn’t move – because he or she is looking down at a phone? We’ve all been in this situation, and maybe you’ve sometimes been the at-fault party when this happens. For the …

How Do I Fight Charges of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving in Florida?

Driving on Florida highways can be dangerous. Orlando, especially, can be unpredictable with so much ongoing road work combined with the high volume of tourists flocking onto the road. Many times, road rage and aggressive driving is the result of pre-existing frustration and heightened emotions caused by some other event outside of driving.  For example, if …

What You Need to Know if Your Child is Arrested

No parent wants to find out that their child committed a crime or helped others do so. But most parents understand that kids, especially teenagers, make poor decisions that may be impulsive and highly illogical. Sometimes, these decisions land them in handcuffs or mark them as suspects in criminal investigations.  No matter how many times …

What Happens If I Drive Uber and Get Charged with Assault?

In recent years, Uber drivers have come under fire for sexual assault and abuse accusations. CNN launched an investigation last year that found more than 103 Uber drivers were facing these kinds of allegations. Many of these cases were dropped due to insufficient probable cause and a lack of witness cooperation – but the fact …

5 Bills That Could Change How Marijuana and Hemp are Treated in Florida

As we draw nearer to the 2020 election, it seems likely that recreational marijuana will be on the ballot in Florida. Yet, Florida lawmakers have already been plagued with challenges regarding the regulation of cannabis and hemp, two industries that are now worth billions of dollars. Throughout the state, lawmakers seeking to keep up with …

How Serious are the Charges for a Crime Committed at an Airport?

Air travel has become increasingly popular over the last few years as prices have dropped, making this mode of transportation more viable for most Americans. With this increased traffic in airports comes an increased amount of criminal activity. That’s partly because passengers might not know the federal rules and regulations governing the airport.  Airports are …

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