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Month: February 2019

Orlando Once Again #1 for Pedestrian Deaths

Over the past decade, Orlando has had success in dispelling its longtime reputation of being the nation’s most dangerous place for roadside walking. That was until recently when it ranked again as the riskiest area for pedestrians by Smart Growth America’s Dangerous by Design report. Also reported was that overall risk for pedestrians climbed all …

Can I Get a DUI Charge if I Pass the Breathalyzer?

Under Florida law, it is illegal for someone to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 or higher, or operate a vehicle with impaired faculties. If one does drive a car and is pulled over, it is still possible to be guilty of a DUI despite a low BAC. To understand how …

Trucking Companies are Incorporating 3 Vital Safety Features

All companies want to ensure that their staff and everyone else is safe. Trucking companies are no exception to that rule, and they are continually using new technology to not only provide safety but to help their drivers to be more efficient as well. This technology is fundamental and comes as a result of analytics …

HTO Status can be Overturned in 2019

If you are currently without a license due to being a Habitual Traffic Offender, a modification to laws governing license revocation took effect at the beginning of this year that might affect you. The Florida Supreme Court amended the Florida Rules of Traffic Court, and the result has created easier opportunities for the removal of …

4 Common Causes of Tire Truck Blowouts on the Highway

Most drivers have seen shredded pieces of tires on the highway at some point. These tire pieces are the aftermath of what is known as a tire blowout. When a tire blows out, it quickly loses air, which results in an explosion of sorts. This type of car damage causes drivers to lose control of …

Dr. Shebovsky and Dr. Eric Feiter Generously Donated $3,000

Dr. Jeffery Shebovsky and Dr. Eric Feiter generously donated $3000.00 dollars to the Second Chance of Florida Foundation, this donations will help three young adults pursue their education and achieve a better future. This is not something uncommon for Dr. Shebovsky and Dr. Feiter, since their whole approach towards their company is helping their patients …

Congratulations to Our 2017 Scholarship Winners!!

We had the pleasure of honoring our 2017 scholarship winners at our annual Second Chance Luncheon this past week. Both students received a $1,000 scholarship with the help of Staples and Sherry Lambson of South Milhausen, P.A. 2017 Second Chance of Florida Scholarship Winners Maiya Smith Maryam Oginni We wish them both the very best …

Orlando Police Misuse Driver’s License Database

Since December, the Orlando Police Department has disciplined twelve of its members for misuse of the Driver and Vehicle Information Database. Also known as DAVID, this system provides a database for officers to research driver information.  An Internal Affairs report released via a records request revealed the accused officers using the DAVID system to look up …

Florida Leads the Country in Road Rage Cases

Statistics show that Florida is the state with the highest rate of road rage incidents. It even outdoes large states like Texas and California. A considerable increase in road rage cases from 2014 to 2017 bumped the state to the top of the list. During that time frame, Florida had 277 cases of road rage, …

First Orlando Homicide of 2019

The city of Orlando experienced its first homicide of 2019 on January 2nd in one of its neighborhoods, marking the beginning of what many law enforcement officials had hoped would be a less violent year. In 2018, Orlando had a 30% jump in homicides, according to the city’s crime statistics. The year’s first homicide involved …

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