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Month: December 2018

South Bay Woman Charged with Shoplifting at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is not a usual target for thieves, or at least it wasn’t until earlier this year when authorities arrested a 52-year-old woman for shoplifting in Florida’s SeaWorld Orlando park. Police charged her with grand theft and retail theft after they discovered that her car contained more than $300 worth of merchandise – including stolen …

Seminole Deputies Bust Fentanyl and Heroin Distribution Ring

Police deputies reported that they took down two major distribution rings famous for dealing fentanyl and heroin in the Seminole County, Florida area. The police made 19 felony arrests as they took down two of the deadliest drug trafficking rings in the state. The bust happened at the end of November 2018, but the investigation …

Downtown Orlando Sees 11 Percent Decrease in Crime

A new initiative in downtown Orlando is helping to keep the city crime-free. Three months ago, a city board began the “Orlando Downtown Ambassador Program,” getting residents to patrol the downtown Orlando, Florida area. As a result of these efforts, combined with incredible progress of the police department, there has been a remarkable reduction in …

What to Do if You Face DUI Charges as a CDL Holder

People who hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) earn a living by driving in the transportation industry. As a result, if a person in that field operates under the influence and receives a DUI, it can have severe consequences that can permanently affect their professional life. At the same time, a person with a CDL …

Over 1 Million Florida Felons Win the Right to Vote with Amendment 4

After Election Day on November 6, 2018, Florida will restore the voting rights of individuals convicted of felonies. These people will be able to vote again after serving their prison sentences, as long as they meet the terms of their convictions during parole and probation. Persons serving jail time for murder or sex offenses are …

I Crashed a Rental Car Without Insurance. What Now?

Although car rental companies generally encourage people to take out insurance on their rented vehicle, many individuals opt to forgo it. There is always a chance of getting into an accident while using a rental car. Car rental companies have their insurance, but if an individual is involved in a crash while renting a car …

New Laws Proposed for Bicyclists and Skateboarders in Orlando, Florida

In the state of Florida, road rules don’t just pertain to cars and other motor vehicles. Bicyclists and skateboarders are also required to follow the laws when they’re on the street. In Orlando, in particular, it’s illegal to ride a bicycle or skateboard on public sidewalks. However, the City Council is considering making a change …

US Retailers Falsely Accusing People of Shoplifting to Recover Losses

United States shoppers have been experiencing an uncertain situation in the last few years. Thousands are arrested every year while going about their regular business at home or at work facing charges of shoplifting at their local retail store. People who are picked up and arrested by police for the crime are often confused and …

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