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Month: June 2018

Which Charges Cannot be Sealed in Florida?

Sealing and expunging arrests and criminal convictions helps many offenders move on with their lives after they have paid their debts to society. Those who have been arrested or convicted of certain offenses may be eligible to seal or expunge their criminal records, depending on the facts of the case. In Florida, offenders have limited …

Florida Stops Gun Permit Checks for Over a Year

Gun control measures are practically worthless if state employees fail to do their jobs. On June 8, 2018, an employee of Florida’s Division of Licensing discovered a lapse of over one year in which the state failed to conduct national background checks on tens of thousands of applicants requesting concealed carry permits. The gap took …

Orlando Breaks Tourism Record in 2017

If it feels like your city’s population doubled or even tripled overnight, the feeling’s mutual. And, it’s not all in your head. In 2017, Orlando became the country’s tourism capital breaking 72 million tourists. The previous year, about 68 million traveled to all of Florida. In comparison, NYC received 62.8 million visitors last year. With …

Families of Pulse Victims Sue Orlando Cop Hailed as a Hero

A tragedy like the Pulse massacre takes just seconds to unfold; yet survivors and families of victims have decided to sue an Orlando police officer, the officers he called for backup, and the city of Orlando over their interpretation of what occurred – and what could have been done – during those fleeting moments. Police …

Introducing Our Lake Mary Office!

The Umansky Law Firm team is excited to introduce our newest location in Lake Mary, Florida. Our office in Lake Mary is an extension of our central Orlando office and will cater to all your criminal defense needs. If you have been arrested and charged for a criminal offense in Lake Mary, you can trust …

Patterns Emerge in Online Dating Scams

Internet scams are prevalent in all corners of the web. While many online scams seek to steal financial information, scammers have also seeped into the world of online dating. According to The Daily Scam, a website that raises awareness about internet scams and fraud schemes, over 500 men have reported being targets of hoaxes on …

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