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Month: May 2018

Understanding Self-Defense in Florida

Most people accept the principle that a person should protect himself from harm in life-threatening situations, even if the behavior necessary to combat the imminent threat would usually constitute a crime. When you are accused of a violent crime in Florida, one of the most substantial defenses available to you is self-defense. Florida is one …

Orlando DUI Arrests Spike During Memorial Day

As the weather warms up, families take advantage of long holiday weekends to skip town. Memorial Day weekend is perhaps the most popular holiday of all for weekend getaways. Just last year, AAA estimated about 2 million people from all over the country traveled to Orlando over Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend provides an …

Pros and Cons of Orlando Drug Court Programs

The United States criminal justice system does not always serve justice fairly. Indeed, while many reforms are needed, the courts do recognize that the perpetrators of alcohol and drug crimes often suffer from addiction. To avoid punishing those who need treatment, a defendant for a drug offense in Orlando may be eligible to attend Drug …

Young Men Fall Victim to Plenty of Fish Online Dating Scams

According to The Daily Scam, a website that raises awareness about internet scams and online fraud schemes, over 500 men have been reported being affected by a frightening hoax on Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Fish (POF) is an online dating website that can be accessed via a phone app for adult singles. The scam …

Driver Strikes and Kills Pedestrian in Electric Wheelchair

Before sunrise on a Wednesday morning, an unfortunate traffic incident occurred involving a collision between a woman in a motorized wheelchair and a passenger vehicle. The crash took place at the busy intersection of South Semoran Boulevard and Lake Margaret Drive, in an area where the intersection extends across multiple lanes going opposite ways. According …

Hotels to be Held Accountable for Keeping Quiet about Sex Trafficking

A record-breaking 72 million people traveled to Orlando in 2017. While it’s safe to assume a big chunk of those visitors come for the mouse ears, rampant tourism has a dark side. As a top destination for leisure, Orlando takes third place for the number of calls per capita to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, …

The Umansky Law Firm Participates in The Second Chance Foundation of Florida’s Event

Second Chance Foundation of Florida held its annual scholarship luncheon at Bucca Di Beppo on Thursday, May 3. Three lucky high school winners were awarded book scholarships to their college. The winners were from Timber Creek, East River, and Ocoee high schools. These amazing ladies will be our future leaders. Thanks to our sponsors who …

What to Do if You are Accused of Sexual Assault

A false sexual assault allegation is the reporting of assault without any proof. Sexual assault cases are rampant; the false reporting of these cases is a minuscule fraction of the total assaults reported each year. According to a study published in Violence Against Women, false allegations make up 2%-10% of all reported sexual assault cases. …

UK Family of 4 Dies in Titusville Car Crash

A family of four visiting Central Florida from Bristol, England recently lost their lives in a tragic collision in Titusville. A young couple and the driver’s parents were traveling back to a rental home after a trip to the Kennedy Space Center when the GPS navigation system rerouted them to avoid congestion. The family, traveling …

In a Historic Move, Florida Suspends 10-20-Life Rule

Just two years ago, a person in Florida could fire a warning shot away from an intruder and face twenty years in a state prison. Florida’s “10-20-Life” law imposed mandatory minimum sentences for felonies involving guns, regardless of the details of the case. Judges were completely barred from using their discretion to issue a sensible …

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