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Month: February 2018

Construction Defects Can Cause Serious Slip and Trip Injuries

Construction Defects Can Cause Serious Slip and Trip Injuries A defect in the sidewalk leading up to a business has cracks due to poor workmanship, and an elderly woman trips and breaks her hip. The stairway in an apartment building collapses as a young man is traveling on the stairs, causing a fractured leg, rib …

Proposal to Introduce Texting While Driving Ban Raises Controversy

The Florida Senate has introduced a bill that seeks to eliminate texting while driving by making it a primary driving offense. The ban would allow police officers to stop drivers who use a mobile device behind the wheel. Currently, police can only ticket drivers for texting while driving after they stop the driver for a …

Umansky Law Firm Attorney Gets DUI Dismissed

Attorney Rachel A. Mattie is a criminal defense attorney at The Umansky Law Firm. Her recent case highlights the importance of working with an attorney dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights. One day in January, police lay the handcuffs on Ms. Mattie’s client for DUI. Video evidence depicted the client and the actions of the law enforcement …

How Do Police Test Marijuana Impairment Behind the Wheel?

With the passage of Amendment 2 providing medical patients access to marijuana to treat certain chronic conditions, it follows that more people will be using marijuana legally in Florida. The number of people using marijuana who are also driving will naturally rise as the number of marijuana users grows. People who use marijuana, whether as …

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