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Month: January 2018

Florida’s Direct File Law Sends the Most Kids to Adult Prisons

More kids in Florida wind up in adult prison than kids in any other state in the United States, and in the state of Florida, Orange County has the highest number of direct files. Florida is one of just fifteen states that gives prosecutors the ability to send juvenile cases directly to the adult court system …

Civil Citations Keep Kids Out of Jail in Central Florida

Orange and Osceola Counties are two regions in central Florida committed to reducing the number of juvenile arrests by issuing more civil citations. Research has shown that utilizing civil citations instead of arresting teens for nonviolent offenses provides long-term benefits. From keeping kids in school to freeing up police resources, civil citations have many positive effects on …

Human Trafficking Reports Increase Over 50% in Florida

It is estimated that human traffickers bring anywhere from 14,500 to 17,500 people to the United States each year. Trafficking lives is a growing issue in the United States and particularly in Florida, one of the top three “destination states.” According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, nearly 1,900 cases of trafficking were …

Top 5 FAQs About Florida’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Since Amendment 2 passed in 2016, Floridians all over the state are trying to keep up with the changes in marijuana laws. As the Sunshine State follows in the footsteps of pioneer states who first legalized medical cannabis – such as California, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington – many are curious about how they can go …

Orlando Airport Blocks Medical Marijuana

Millions cheered when the Florida House approved Amendment 2 opening the gates for legal medical marijuana; yet, despite recent legalization, one Florida airport is explicitly restricting the possession of medical marijuana on its premises. Around the same time that new medical marijuana laws went into effect, the Orlando International Airport in Orange County banned legal …

Is Recreational Marijuana Next for Florida?

It took Amendment 2 millions of supporters, the strong backing of $6.2 million, and two turns on the ballot to finally win approval in Florida in 2016. The amendment fully legalized the use of medicinal cannabis in the state as it expanded access to the drug for medical patients and broadened the conditions patients must …

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