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Month: March 2016

New measure aims to tackle backlog of sexual assault kits

Back in January, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released the results of a rather shocking survey, which determined that there were 13,435 untested sexual assault kits across the state. In light of the reality that these kits contain valuable DNA evidence that could not only identify potential suspects, but also establish the innocence of …

Helping teens facing possession charges through difficult times

One of the inescapable realities of parenthood is that there will come a time when your child makes a mistake that seems completely out of character and which catches you completely off guard. For example, maybe they broke their curfew, earned a poor grade in one of their classes or were issued a speeding ticket. …

How does Florida law treat driving under the influence of drugs

As we’ve made clear on our blog, the state of Florida takes driving under the influence of alcohol very seriously, as even first-time offenders face time behind bars, license revocation and steep fines. It’s important to understand, however, that these tough impaired driving penalties don’t just apply to those who consume too many glasses of …

Law enforcement will be out in full force over spring break

Over the next few weeks, college students across the nation will be given some much-needed time away from the rigors of their coursework courtesy of the spring break holiday. While many of these young people will head home to spend time with family or opt to relax on campus, still others will be traveling to …

Can you be arrested for contracting without a license? – II

Last week, our blog began discussing how home improvement projects are always underway at any given time in any given neighborhood here in Orlando. We also discussed how those undertaking relatively complex or labor-intensive projects may want to proceed with caution, as they could be performing work that requires a contractor’s license. Indeed, we started …

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