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Month: February 2016

Can you be arrested for contracting without a license?

If you were to drive around any neighborhood here in Orlando, chances are very good that you would see a seemingly endless assortment of pickups, vans and/or trucks parked in front of homes, a sure sign of some manner of home improvement project taking place. While many of these home improvement projects are generally small …

Teens face major penalties for taking, having certain ‘selfies’

It is no secret that teenage years can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Young people are testing boundaries and taking risks, trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. With that comes the high chance of making mistakes and bad decisions. Technology is only making it easier to make these mistakes. …

Federal lawsuit challenges Florida’s DUI license suspension process

As most people are already well aware, Florida has adopted a very unforgiving stance when it comes to driving under the influence. That’s because, in addition to the possibility of incarceration and large fines, drivers also face the possibility of a lengthy and automatic license suspension, meaning no hearing to determine whether the arresting officer …

Understanding more about the theft of trade secrets under federal law

Last time, our blog discussed how those employees who misappropriate business information that could properly be classified as “trade secrets” will likely find themselves facing a civil lawsuit, as well as criminal charges under state law. It’s important for employees to understand, however, that the fallout from allegations of trade theft is not necessarily confined …

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