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Month: October 2015

Can the police search my car if they smell marijuana?

There is often significant confusion when it comes to the issue of traffic stops by law enforcement officials and, in particular, what they are legally permitted to do as far as searches are concerned. In particular, one issue that understandably might not be entirely clear to the general public is whether law enforcement officials here …

Win Free Tickets to Orlando’s Improv Comedy Club

The Umansky Law Firm        Where Everybody Deserves A Second Chance!        October ,2015                            The Umansky Law Firm invites you to attend an evening full of laughter at Orlando’s Improv Comedy Club on International Drive! Free tickets will be given out …

Legislation would limit drone use by those convicted of sex crimes

The current gadget of choice for people of all ages is not a phone, a video game system or any sort of electronic device. Rather, it’s a drone, meaning those remote-controlled flying devices powered by several propellers that can fly to great heights, hover and turn on a dime. Indeed, many of these drones are …

When do I have to disclose my name to law enforcement?

The majority of people don’t give more than a second thought to cooperating with law enforcement officials over things like handing over their driver’s license or even providing their name. While much of this cooperation comes from a genuine desire to help, some of it undoubtedly comes from the feeling that they really have no …

Near-historic number of inmates to be released from federal prison

Statistics show that roughly 25 percent of the world’s prison population can be found here in the United States, while as much as one third of the Justice Department’s annual budget goes to covering the costs of our nation’s many prisons. As staggering as these numbers are to the average person, they have been even …

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