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Month: May 2015

Understanding what happens when you say no to a chemical test

In a post last week, our blog touched on the notion that states typically treat driving as a privilege, such that motorists forfeit certain rights or provide their indirect permission for certain actions to be taken by law enforcement officials. By way of illustration, consider Florida’s implied consent law, which essentially declares that anyone holding …

Osceola County to Host Fugitive Safe Surrender Event

Next week the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department will be offering anyone with outstanding warrants the opportunity to surrender safely. Those who decide to show up at Osceola heritage Park on June 5th will have their warrant “swapped” out for a court date. The Osceola county sheriff’s department reports that this is not an amnesty program, but …

Why are some saying that you don’t have to talk at DUI checkpoints?

Anyone who has had to stop at a drunk-driving checkpoint probably remembers the experience vividly. That’s probably because it was so intimidating and so disorienting. These checkpoints are almost always held during nighttime hours and may seem to materialize out of nowhere, complete with flashing police lights, lines of slowed traffic moving through parking cones …

A closer look at the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution — III

In today’s post, we’ll continue our ongoing discussion of the constitutional protections afforded by the Fifth Amendment in an attempt to help people better understand how the criminal justice system works. Specifically, we’ll carry on with our examination of that part of the amendment, which states “no person shall be compelled in any criminal case …

A closer look at the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution — II

Last week, our blog started providing some basic background information on the Fifth Amendment, which sets forth several distinct constitutional protections and limits on police procedure. As always, the intent was to help shed some light on the sometimes confusing area of criminal law. In keeping with this theme, today’s post will examine how the Fifth …

A closer look at the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Anyone who eagerly tunes in each week to watch a favorite television crime drama has more than likely gained a passing knowledge of everything from police procedure and crime scene investigation to courtroom tactics and, of course, constitutional rights. Regarding this last point, they’ve probably heard terms like “self-incrimination,” “due process,” “fair trial,” and “double …

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