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Month: October 2014

What are the penalties for federal drug trafficking charges?

Due to the detrimental effects of drugs and other illegal substances, Florida has enacted some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. Readers should note that many drug crimes can be prosecuted on either a state or federal level. If you are facing drug charges and are going to be prosecuted in a state court, …

Authorities Arrest 5 in Osceola Child Sex Sting

During the course of a three day trial this week defending a client accused of traveling to meet a minor, use of a computer to solicit a minor for sexual activity, and attempted lewd and lascivious battery I was struck by the inequity of the penalties and unavailability of legitimate defenses for some of these …

We can be your shield in your fight against criminal charges

Laws are made to maintain peace and order in the community. Central Florida readers are aware that each criminal offense can bring various consequences such as probation, fines, mandatory minimum sentences, and other penalties. If convicted, some severe criminal offenses can leave a permanent dent on your record. The good news is that anyone accused …

Synthetic Drug Charges Dropped Against Seminole County Liquor Store Owner

Prosecutors have dropped the charges against a Casselberry liquor store that was raided for supposedly selling illegal synthetic drugs. After seizing hundreds of packets of what was thought to be synthetic marijuana back in January, only two tested positive for illegal substances. Store owner Doug Markovitz was charged for selling synthetic marijuana, but after producing paperwork …

Gas station’s daily customer faces robbery and theft charges

Theft is the act of taking another person’s property with the intention of depriving the victim of that property. Orlando, Florida, readers may be interested to learn the differences between some of the different types of theft such as burglary and robbery. Burglary refers to entering someone else’s property and taking something inside that property, …

Five of The Craziest Reasons to Get Arrested at a Tailgate

We are officially in the throes of football season in America. While students and fans enjoy open alcohol container policies across college campuses and tailgate lots there is always a small group of people who seem to take the party too far. Here are five people who should have just stayed home on game day. …

Second Chance Partners

What Does Second Chance Mean? At our law firm, we believe everyone is entitled to a second chance. In our criminal practice, we know that people break the law; make mistakes, and have momentary lapses of judgment that causes them to do something they may regret. Unfortunately, society judges them for those mistakes and forgiveness …

13 People Arrested in Polk County Sex-Sting

Polk County Sherriff’s deputies ended a successful sex-sting operation on Thursday after arresting 13 people. Of those arrested for soliciting prostitution, nine were married, one had cocaine and a baby, while another was scheduled to report to prison on Friday. Polk County Sherriff’s Deputy Grady Judd made a statement about the arrests, stating, “Crack cocaine …

Don’t Drink and Jog: College Student Arrested for Jogging Drunk

According to a Lower Saucon police report James Finan a DeSales University student was arrested last Saturday morning for jogging while intoxicated. James Finan who is a business major was observed running along Route 378 in Lower Saucon in the early morning hours on Saturday. Police stopped him after “some vehicles were observed to take …

What are the mandatory sentences for drug trafficking in Florida?

In Florida, where drug crimes are more common, local residents may have heard about various drug offenses, including drug possession and drug trafficking. These two common types of charges carry unique penalties. If you were charged with drug possession, this could mean that authorities discovered or found an ample amount of drugs in your possession. When …

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