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Month: September 2014

Law Enforcement Cracking Down on DUI’s in Central Florida

According to a report released Tuesday afternoon 668 people were arrested for DUI by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office which represents an increase of 4 percent for the same time period last year. The increase in arrests is part of a larger crackdown by the OCSO in the central Florida region. Currently, the major focus …

Federal Law and child pornography in Florida

There are many laws that govern how sex crimes are treated. Sex crimes are divided into different categories, ranging from sexual assaults, such as rape, to criminal offenses involving children, such as the possession of child pornography. Readers in Central Florida understand that the government protects the children’s well-being, and this is why crimes involving children …

Florida woman faces a criminal charge due to lewd act

Criminal charges may stem from any number of illegal activities. Floridians know different penalties are levied for each criminal offense. An Orlando, Florida, resident can be charged with an offense that can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level. Most criminal offenses lead to fines and other penalties or prison sentence. Once a …

How to challenge drunk driving charges in Florida

Drunk driving is illegal everywhere in Florida; as a result, Central Florida residents understand that there are consequences if they get arrested for driving drunk. As DUI is a common cause of traffic accidents across the country, state lawmakers have created tough drunk driving laws to curb similar accidents. Drivers can only be pulled over …

What is the meaning of “theft?”

Orlando, Florida, residents are familiar with the term, “theft,” because this term is often heard as the reason for arrest. Theft charges are perhaps one of the most common offenses in Florida and perhaps throughout the United States. Theft is a broad term that basically refers to stealing or taking someone else’s property with the intent to …

Lake County Residents Help Take Down Clermont Drug Ring

There are fewer drugs on the street of Clermont today as a successful four-month investigation has resulted in charges for seventy-four suspected drug dealers. The investigation was named “close to home” after local citizens notified law enforcement of drug activity occurring in local supermarket and restaurant parking lots. After heavy surveillance and several undercover stings …

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