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Month: April 2014

Federal drug charges filed against 42-year-old Florida man

Drug charges alone can lead to serious consequences for any Florida, resident. Federal drug charges, on the other hand, can result in even more damaging repercussions, including a possible maximum prison sentence in a federal prison. For a resident facing drug charges, immediate legal action may be necessary in order to help offset these damaging charges. …

Florida Governor signs new bills, sex crime laws get more teeth

Sex crimes are a growing concern in Florida. To address this issue, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed four new bills that will add extra teeth to laws governing sex crimes. Scott stated that he wants the state to be the best place in the country to raise a family and believes that the new legislation is …

It’s About Time: Florida Legislature Proposes Reform on Mugshot Websites

Florida lawmakers are attempting to pass new legislation aimed at targeting companies that post mugshots on their websites. These companies take booking information and mug shots from law enforcement agencies and then post the information on their websites. At this time, the websites will take down this information and photos, for a price. One of …

Man faces theft charges for allegedly stealing baby clothes

Criminal charges, such as theft and fraud, are known as crimes of dishonesty, and just the accusation can color a person’s reputation for life. Allegations can adversely affect an Orlando, Florida, resident’s current employment status and ability to acquire future employment as well. A conviction will make it even more difficult for a person to …

Florida woman in three-vehicle crash suspected of drunk driving

Criminal charges involving drinking and driving can result in severe consequences for an Orlando, Florida, resident. The person faces the possibility of paying an expensive fine, a jail term and a driver’s license suspension. There is also the chance of being ordered to install an ignition interlock device. More than this, the consequences to the …

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