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Month: March 2014

Couple charged in alleged heist of $85,000 in eyewear

Orange County, Florida readers know that theft charges come with serious consequences. Possible jail time and hefty fines may be imposed. Damage to an accused individual’s reputation is also a negative outcome to consider. A couple is currently facing such possibilities after they were accused of and charged with stealing nearly 300 pairs of eyeglass …

Two individuals accused of theft from Florida university

There are many different types of theft charges. Theft charges can range from shoplifting to burglary, to armed robbery and other serious forms of stealing. In each case, the specific requirements that prosecutors must prove to show that a theft occurred will change. Additionally, the penalties for each case will change depending on the specific charges. Therefore, …

Don’t Get a DUI This St. Paddy’s Day!

St Paddy’s Day is one of the top holidays we look forward to for celebration because everybody is Irish for the day. Even though St. Patrick’s Day falls on Monday this year, there will be hundreds of leprechaun parties with green beer and thousands of people dressed in leprechaun costumes drinking shots of Irish whiskey …

Florida teen charged with felony after prank escalates

A 15-year-old Florida high school student has been arrested and charged with a first degree felony after what school administrators described as a prank that sent a teacher to the hospital. The boy apparently added some hand-sanitizer to his teacher’s soft drink as a practical joke, which the county superintendent said was consistent with his …

81-year-old Florida woman arrested for feeding bears

Florida law enforcement officers have arrested and are detaining an 81-year-old woman after repeated violations of state laws prohibiting the feeding of wild animals. The woman is accused of setting up feeding stations in her yard for bears. While this might seem like a harmless activity, wildlife experts say that feeding bears both draws them …

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