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Month: February 2014

Florida teen wrongfully detained in sexual assault case

A Florida teenager was arrested and spent 35 days in jail before it became clear that he had been mistaken for someone else with the same first and last name. The 17-year-old high school student was arrested for sexual assault of a person under the age of 12. This is a very serious criminal allegation …

Lake County deputy fired after sexual battery charge

In our society there is a stigma attached to sex crimes. One doesn’t even need to be convicted of the crime before consequences could begin to arise. A Lake County Sheriff’s deputy with 13 years experience is experiencing that now after he was accused of sexual assault. He was fired from his job late last …

Served with a Domestic Violence Injunction: Should I Care?

Being served with a Domestic Violence Injunction is an event that you should definitely be concerned about. There are several important legal issues surrounding a domestic violence injunction that need to be understood in order to avoid violating the injunction. Some of the most important legal issues to understand deal with the no contact order, …

Heroin and the Fear of Growing Popularity

During the past decade, there has been a surge in heroin use, but it’s not the heroin of the 60’s. The old stigma of “shooting H” in dirty bathrooms and dark alleys has been revamped into a trendy “high” for businessmen, housewives and high-schoolers. CNN reports that in some areas drug pushers are selling $10 …

Florida Men arrested After Bitcoin Transfer

Two Florida men were recently arrested by police officers after they conducted a transaction with undercover officers using internet currency Bitcoin. Prosecutors are saying that the transactions constituted money laundering and have charged the men with felonies in this case. Bitcoin exists in a murky legal grey area because it is not stock in a company, representative …

Former state chemist arrested on drug charges

A former Florida Department of Law Enforcement chemist who supervised a crime lab was arrested this week after agents connected him with drugs that were missing from the evidence room. The man who was arrested was suspected of stealing prescription pain medications that had been seized by police as evidence and replacing them with over-the-counter …

Attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen Discusses Issues of Evidence in Florida

The news reports regarding the tampering with prescription pill evidence by an FDLE analyst should raise concern with the chain of custody and security of all types of evidence analyzed by FDLE. On Friday, January 31st, I attended a continuing legal education seminar hosted by the Florida association of criminal defense attorneys regarding the newly …

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