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Month: October 2013

Florida Law Governing Juvenile Bullies who Behave Criminally

In recent years, the media has devoted a great deal of attention to the subject of bullying. Research indicates that bullying can have a devastating effect on those who are targeted. In addition, bullying behavior can scar those who target others as well. It is important for Florida parents to teach their children to refrain …

Upcoming DUI Checkpoints Imminent for Halloween

Police will be setting up roadblocks this Halloween to catch drivers who are DUI on Halloween. For instance, Winter Park Police Department issued a news release that they are running road blocks for DUI form October 25-November 1, 2013. Be careful this Halloween season and use a designated driver. If you are going to a Halloween party …

Terminating Your Probation Early: Part 2

Why Not Just Wait Until Probation Is Over? Under no circumstances, do you want to wait until your entire sentence of probation is over if you have completed all of your conditions. Even if you have completed everything, you risk going back to jail even for a stupid or minor violation of probation. For instance, …

Terminating Your Probation Early: Part 1

Can I terminate my probation early? Can I terminate probation early? I get this question almost every day. Thankfully I am able to answer the question affirmatively that yes you can terminate your probation if you have completed all of your conditions. In Florida, Statute 948.05 allows the Judge to commend and discharge a probationer …

New Gun Law Targeted at Those With Mental Health Issues

We’ve been hearing this plenty late: “guns don’t kill people – people kill people.” Florida has had more than its share of violent crimes using guns in recent years, so there has been more action to create laws that promote good actions. A NRA backed law was established several months ago that law prohibits people who are …

FDA Cracking Down on Unprescribed Hydrocodone

The FDA is urging tighter restrictions on Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is an opioid painkiller that is found in prescribed drugs like Vicodin, Lortab and Norco. The FDA wants to reclassify Hydrocodone as a more restrictive drug like oxycodone and morphine. By reclassifying them, the government is hoping they will be harder to obtain legally and illegally. …

Parents: Don’t Let a Battery Charge Ruin Your Kid’s Future

On September 20, 2013 a fight broke out between two eighth graders that attend Palmer High School. A 13-year-old was charged with assault and battery after allegedly choking a fellow classmate (age 13) on high school grounds. The suspect held the victim in a choke hold for 12 seconds causing him to fall unconsciously to the ground. The victim …

Should I Get a Lawyer For a Driving While License Suspended Charge?

I get this question all the time. As a lawyer who makes money from representing people, you would be surprised if I said anything else, wouldn't you? The truth is you do not NEED a lawyer and you can do it yourself! Sure if your license was suspended for failure to pay a ticket and you are …

Anti-Texting Law in Florida Now in Effect

On October 1, 2013 a new law in Florida has taken effect banning texting for the purpose of nonvoice interpersonal communication while driving your car, truck or other motor vehicle. The texting ban statute includes all of the behavior you CAN NOT do while driving but also sets forth so many exceptions, it will make …

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