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Month: August 2013

Why Has Drug Sentencing Reform been so Hard to Achieve in Florida?

Earlier this month, the U.S. Attorney General announced a significant change in federal drug policy. Rather than insist that individuals convicted of low-level federal drug offenses be subject to severe mandatory minimum sentences in order to appear tough on crime, Eric Holder announced that federal prosecutors must retreat from this practice. Significant offenders will remain subject to …

Florida Shooters are Still Walking Free

State legislators sold “Stand Your Ground” as a legal protection for law-abiding Floridians who were forced to defend their family and property. House speaker Will Weatherford stated he wouldn’t be opposed to legislation changing Florida’s controversial self-defense law, as long as the state’s law enforcement advised that changes are needed. But at the 2013 Florida …

Theft Technique of “Apple-Picking” Reported in Orlando

With new technology, thieves discover new ways to specialize in stealing, and “Apple-picking” has become one of the newest ways for thieves to work an old trade. Within an hour on Saturday night, Orlando police had reports from five women who had their smart phones stolen from their purses at the Roxy Club. This new …

Joining the NRA to Overturn Teen Gun Restrictions

A person may join the armed services as young as seventeen with parental consent. In that service, the person will be trained in the use of automatic weapons and may well wield them in the defense of this nation. However, a 1968 federal gun ban on adults ages 18 to 20 prevents the same individual …

Boating Under the Influence and Labor Day

Labor Day is fast approaching. Central Floridians will be out on their boats on the Conway and Butler chain of lakes and further east on the St. John’s river and the intracoastal. Please make sure you keep safe as alcohol is the number one cause of death in boating accidents last year. Unlike a DUI case, where …

How Organized Retail Crime Presents itself Around Florida

There is theft in every city in the U.S., but the larger cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Atlanta also have to be concerned with rising Organized Retail Crime or ORC. Organized Theft costs businesses much more in losses than individual theft. Law enforcement in Miami-Dade recently stopped a criminal and seized …

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