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Month: June 2013

Under the New Bong Ban

Florida is now under a “bong ban”. St. Petersburg representative, Darryl Rouson, first introduced this movement to Florida legislation. He is a former drug addict that feels that if the state takes away the selling of bongs and glass pipes, drug users will not have a way to use their drugs. Republican Governor Rick Scott …

Does Racial Confrontation Exist in Zimmerman Case

In 2005, Florida originated the Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, which outlines that anyone who is in fear for their life to use deadly force and is not required to retreat from the confrontation. This law has been established in 30 other states since it became a law in Florida. The attorneys representing George Zimmerman have …

New England Patriots Drop Hernandez as Arrests Are Made

According to various news reports, New England Patriots teammate Aaron Hernandez may be charged with the obstruction of justice in Massachusetts from a murder investigation surrounding him. According to ABC news and other reports, Hernandez was seen hanging out with his friend Lloyd in several nightclubs before Lloyd was found shot in the back of …

Prisons in Florida and across U.S. host deplorable conditions

When individuals are convicted of criminal wrongdoing, they are often sentenced to serve lengths of imprisonment. This imprisonment may be used as a way to ensure public safety, to punish individuals for their actions or for both purposes. However, criminal lawdoes hold that even while imprisoned, Americans retain many of their basic rights. Any treatment of …

Polk County Sex Stings Have No End in Sight

The number of registered sex offenders rose dramatically in the state of Florida to over 70 percent with the rest of the US at approximately 23 percent increase. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd recently stated that they won’t put up with it in their county, and “We go after them everyday.” This increase can be …

Domestic Violence Statutes Scream for Reforms

Orange County, Orlando is known as one of the most dangerous counties in the U.S. for Domestic Violence victims. After years of this reputation, high-level officials in the judicial system and the community met together to improve the situation. The Domestic Violence Commission announced that after four months of research, there are some amendments that …

Florida Government Database Leaks Private Information

The Florida American Civil Liberties Union, or the ACLU, released to the press yesterday that a confidential leak occurred from a Florida database called E-Force that stores personal prescription information in order to regulate the sale of prescription drugs. The leak in private information was discovered by an individual associated with six criminal cases in …

John Goodman Goes Back to Court in August

The DUI Conviction of Multi-million Dollar Mogul John Goodman A DUI trial can be complicated, as the DUI manslaughter case of John Goodman proves last year in 2012. It is so important to have a skilled and experienced criminal defense DUI attorney to represent your case, if something like this should happen, so your rights are completely …

Florida To Start Prosecuting Crimes On Cruise Ships

For the last twenty or thirty years, crimes that occurred on a cruise ship that were not serious enough to involve federal authorities, the event usually “disappeared” into a pile of paperwork and the crime went unpunished. However, due to recent findings that show many serious crimes are not being reported, including that of a …

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