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Month: March 2013

Child pornography Sentencing Disparities Highlighted in Recent Study

The Internet has increasingly informed Americans’ approaches to daily life in recent years. From shopping to how business is conducted, from interpersonal communication styles to the ways that students study, the Internet has become a fixture in American life. As a result, our society and its legal system have had to continually adjust to the …

Pushing the Limits of Freedom of Speech

“Mugshot websites,” the sites that make money by showing photos of arrested criminals, might be a thing of the past if one Florida legislator has his way. He introduced a bill that would ban the sites; however, legal analysts question the constitutionality of such a ban on the grounds that a person’s First Amendment Rights …

Gambling Scheme Hits Florida’s Top Government Officials

Arrests in Seminole County for Gambling and Racketeering for cases arising out of Internet Casinos connected to Allied Veterans are shaking the nonprofit world. These findings also led to the resignation of Florida’s Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll. According to Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger, the investigation of Allied Veterans of the World these past couple …

Notice to Appear For a Possession Charge

Getting a citation or notice to appear for Possession of marijuana citations are deceptive. Recently, an attorney with The Umansky Law Firm got out of a meeting with a client who received a citation and a notice to appear for possession of marijuana by a police officer. She went down to the clerk of court and paid …

Dwight Howard and Disorderly Conduct at the Amway Center

Dwight Howard is coming back to town tonight to grace us with his presence. After departing Orlando on a sour note, he comes back for his first game at Magic Arena since he left. Based upon wire reports and the internet, the Arena is going to be rocking with loud and angry fans who have …

Favorable Result for Firefighter Facing Multiple Charges

Some cases require an extremely close look at actual facts in order to show the jury the whole story. In the case of Dean Erlandson, the Seminole Co. Firefighter that was accused of several severe charges by an ex-girlfriend, unveiling the whole story was absolutely crucial. Umansky Attorney Chris Kaigle exposed the discrepancies in the victim’s testimony, …

Florida Still the Eye of the Storm for Tax Identity Fraud

Florida has been named one of the top states in the nation in the recent tax identity fraud tsunami. The IRS has found fraud tax forms from every state except North Dakota and West Virginia within the past two years. From 2013 to 2018, this massive, dangerous and illegal occupation is projected to cost the government over …

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