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Month: October 2012

MBI Conducting Sting Operations on Orlando Massage Parlors

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) conducted sting operations in several Orlando Massage Parlors this past week. MBI agents would conduct their investigation by entering massage parlors and arresting massage therapists for prostitution, among other sex crimes. The agents would frequent Asian Massage Parlors and seek massage therapy, but according to police affidavits, the therapists would engage …

Police Operation Nabs 12,000 Felons in Florida

The streets of Florida could be a little bit safer after a three-week police initiative resulted in the arrest of nearly 12,000 felons. The initiative named “Operation: Felon Sweep” targeted felons known to be, or believed to be in the Florida area with open warrants. Of the 12,000 individuals arrested, many were considered violent criminals. …

Citations Instead of Arrests for Crimes?

There seems to be a new trend popping up in Orlando, Winter Park and the rest of Florida. Citations are being issued to people accused of crimes, versus the more common arrest them or giving them a notice to appear for court. These Citations allow the person charged to pay a fine instead of going to court. At …

New law in Florida requires Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

The Penn State scandal has resulted in consequences far from the now infamous campus. In fact, Florida passed a new child abuse reporting law in the scandal’s wake. It is being heralded as the toughest child abuse reporting law in America. Though this characterization may sound appealing to some, the negative consequences that will likely result from …

Recent Law Enforcement Effort in Volusia County Sees Results

A group of Volusia County law enforcement officers worked together to focus on stemming the tide of traffic violations throughout the county on October 12, 2012. The round up resulted in 14 arrests. In addition, authorities wrote 58 tickets for all types of traffic violations. County authorities want to increase public awareness of traffic laws …

DUIs Scarier Than the Haunted Houses You’ll Be in This Halloween?

Many residents of central Florida call this part of the year their favorite.  The weather is cooling off, Football is in full swing, and costumes planned out months in advance are about to be shown in public.  That’s why you really don’t want to get arrested this year on or before Halloween for DUI or Drunk …

Social Media Is Helping To Stop Crime

In February 2012, Crime Stoppers issued a free iPhone app that allows people to anonymously report crimes or provide tips to solve crimes that have already happened. Crime Stoppers believed that providing easy access to report crimes would increase the amount of people who would provide tips. They were right. Since its inception, the mobile app has helped …

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