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Month: December 2011

Is Drunk Walking a Crime in Florida? Maybe.

With New Year’s Eve upon us, and on a Saturday no less, many are speculating that this may be a busy holiday for local emergency rooms and jails that fill up with intoxicated party-goers. It’s no secret that drunk driving is a criminal crime in Orlando, in Florida and throughout the United States, but many …

A Ban Against All Cell Phone Use for Drivers?

The National Transportation Board is campaigning a ban against all cell phone use while driving in all fifty states. The investigative agency stated that all states should ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices, except in emergencies. The decision was implemented after the investigation in an August 2010 traffic pileup …

How to Ruin Christmas with Yuletide Cheer

Suzy wants a pair of skates, Billy wants a sled…no one wants a DUI, an attorney or a criminal record for Christmas. A chunk of coal in your stocking is nothing compared to being arrested for drunk driving and the fines, court appointments and loss of driver’s license that comes along with it. Santa may …

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