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Month: January 2011

Why Kids Are Charged as Adults

For more than a century, children who commit crimes have been treated differently than adults, with separate juvenile courts, detention centers and programs designed to treat and rehabilitate youthful offenders. With a rise in violent crimes among juveniles and doubts about the efficiency of rehabilitation programs, however, has come public and political pressure to treat …

Social Media Updates Lead to Arrest

The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social media Web sites has led to a revolution in disclosing personal information. Millions of people daily give updates on the most minute parts of their lives, from going shopping to going to bed. But there’s a downside to social media sites, especially if you’re a fugitive and …

Teen Car Accident Fatalities Fall in the U.S

New teen drivers often cause concern for parents, as well as other drivers sharing the road with teens. Young people with new driver’s licenses cause a disproportionate number of accidents and deaths in the United States. But, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teen car accident fatalities are slowing down, with the …

NTSB Investigates Safety of Tanker Trucks

In October 2009, motorists on a busy Indianapolis interstate were startled to see a gigantic fireball rising above the highway, miles ahead. Drawing near, they found that a tanker truck hauling propane had lost control, smashed into a guardrail, and exploded. The accident has prompted an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to …

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